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Established 1977

Welcome Aboard!

Hello and welcome to the Calumbus website.

We hope that you will enjoy looking at the site and find it useful. To learn more about Calumbus please go to the About us page, to see the pictures Calumbus does please visit the Gallery, or alternatively visit the Flickr page.

We are passionate about transport, and completely unashamed about that passion. Transport is central to so much of what happens in our lives, from getting to work in the morning to the delivery of goods, it is a big part of the social fabric of society. Our particular interest lies in public transport, which has

played a big part in daily life for many of us.

Below are some examples of our creative photographic work

Taken in May 2019, We have a Scania with Higer Touring coachwork, from the Littles Travel fleet. The picture was taken at Tissington in Derbyshire

Bristol RELH6G Seen at Buses Festival at Gaydon 2015, after a downpour. The bus is presented in Midland Red livery, however, the company never actually operated Bristol RE's. It shows what could have been, had things been different.

Is this 1972 or 2014? The image was actually taken in 2014. The buses in the picture are part of the Nottingham Area Bus Society collection, which is based at GCRN Ruddington. The image was taken at the Ilkeston classic car show. The image has been converted to monochrome and we can use sepia or monochrome to make the image of your vehicle have that retro feel to it.

Captured on the M40 is this Scania K360EB with Plaxton Paragon coachwork. It is a member of the Oxford fleet, seen en route to Oxford on an airport service. Calumbus likes to capture vehicles at work, whether it is like this image or a City centre image, we like the challenge of getting that image that creates the right impression.

Seen at the Humber Suspension bridge during an enthusiast tour We have a Leyland Olympian with ECW bodywork, both are products of the 1980s It is sometimes nice to take pictures such as this one to show the scale of things.

New ADL E200MMC makes its way towards Derby Rail Station towards East Midlands Airport and onwards to Leicester. 

Nottingham City Transport Scania/ADL400 City seen leaving the city centre on its journey to Carlton. The livery and bus compliment the buildings designed by Watson Fothergill. The bus was the 100th Biogas bus built and prior to Coming to Nottingham, was a demonstrator hence the special livery.