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Established 1977

Nottingham Heritage vehicles Charity winter event

Sunday December the 9th dawned very cold and wintery with a covering of snow. Most sensible people would have hibernated for the day, but our very own Calum is not a normal sensible person.

There were a few transport events scheduled, which due the weather., cancelled their events, however GCRN ran their santa specials,(which given the ground coverage must have added to the magic),. Nottingham Heritage Vehicles Charity Also chose to continue with their open day, held at their Hucknall Garage, which is an art deco affair constructed in the 1930s. And served for many years as the Hucknall garage for the Trent Motor Traction company.

Leyland Tiger Cub YRC191 new to Trent in 1962 and repurchased by them in 1988 for restoration, and is currently a member of the heritage fleet.

The bus is a resident at the Hucknall depot premise of Nottingham Heritage vehicles charity and is on long term loan for display and use. Here is seen pulling up to the bus stop in Linby village whilst engaged on a little circular trip.

Calum was laying in wait in the warmth of his van, whilst enjoying desert island discs on the radio

Nearside view of YRC191 seen in Linby looking very wintery

G129NRC is a Leyland Olympian with Northern Counties bodywork, new to South Notts in August 1989 and was numbered 129. It was to be the last new bus purchased by this well respected independent. The bus also used to take a very young Calum to school, in his first year at comprehensive school on the route shown on the front of the bus.

In March 1991 this bus passed to Nottingham City Transport along with the business who renumbered the bus to 699 in their fleet series. Sadly Clifton Estate in Nottingham had experienced some competition from Loughborough operator Kinch, and the company were a casualty, there were other factors too which lead to the demise of South Notts too.

In 2002 the bus went a few miles south to Paul S Winson coaches where it was numbered 83 in their fleet and served until 2014 when it was donated to NHVC, who have returned it to 1989 condition. It is pictured turning in to Papplewick Lane en route to Linby.

G129NRC seen enroute to Linby. I took a picture of this bus at the same location some 6 months previous. Please go to 2017 in pictures, in the gallery section. 

G129NRC at Linby.

Next we have L127LRA a Volvo B10B with Northern Counties Paladin bodywork. New to Trent buses in 1993/4 and originally allocated to Ilkeston depot.

The batch proved to be very reliable and long lived in the Wellglade fleet and this, long with many others passed in to the Notts and Derby fleet, where they performed a mixture of schools, contract and stage carriage work. If you go on to the about us page, you will see me driving this over a hump back bridge at Weston on Trent.

After withdrawal from Wellglade the bus was donated to NHVC who are using the bus in withdrawn condition until restoration starts and the bus is returned to 1993 condition. The bus is seen in Linby.

L127LRA at the Griffins head Linby

OTO540M Leyland Atlantean East Lancs New to Nottingham City Transport in 1973 and worked from Trent Bridge Garage for most of its career with Nottingham City Transport. in 1988 it past to Confidence of Oadby, where it operated schools and contract work before passing to Simon Lowings in 2000. The bus was restored between 2003 and 2006 back to original condition and is seen in a very wintery Linby.

OTO540M by the Griffins Head

RNU433X Leyland Atlantean Northern Counties new to Nottingham City Transport in 1981. and spent a great deal of its Nottingham career at Sherwood Garage. After withdrawal from Nottingham 433 passed to Kinchbus and then on to Paul S Winson, however it retained Nottingham City Transport colours throughout this period

433 passed to NHV in 2002 and was gradually restored back in to 1981 livery.