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Established 1977

Wellglade big day out.

On Sunday 15th of October Wellglade, parent company of TrentBarton etc, held one of their big days out, to launch the latest rebrand. This time it was the turn of the Allestree route. A display was held in the Market place along with examples purchased from the manufacturer ADL and a display of preserved buses, representing Barton Trent and Midland General, all of whom played their parts in the formation of TrentBarton, the image conscious company we see today.

Due to a local Derby football match between Nottingham Forest and Derby County. The police advised that the square should be cleared by 3pm due to possible trouble, which in the end didn't happen. The locals were happy as the local team won. Several of the buses descended on Meadow Road garage for an impromptu gathering which included Willowbrook bodied Atlantean ONN571P, which nearly met its end at this depot in 1976 during the big depot fire, and RE coach YCH890M. We have tried to recreate a shot in black and white to represent NBC days and thankyou to our model and friend Dan Stone for looking the part for the picture.